Pre-Order your 2024 Gratitude Diary ~ The Gratitude Diary is much more than a Diary. It is a daily companion, a sacred space and loving reflection of your soul.

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Archaeology of the SOUL 2024

Live Gatherings on each New Moon in 2024
A year-long journey of soul evolution, led by Gratitude Diary creator Melanie Spears

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Event Description

Do you feel like there’s something more for you
than just ‘this’?

Archeology of the Soul is more than personal development.

This program builds a community who are committed to advancing their soul growth and evolution.

Under the guidance of Melanie Spears, you’ll be shown how to
gently and playfully dig deep into the roots of who you are and uncover your highest potential.

Using the power of Gratitude, you’ll discover how to dissolve any obstacles currently getting in the way between the life you’re living now, and the life you are creating.

Happiness, relationships, business and health are just the beginning of what we’ll cover.

Meeting monthly, we co-creating a sacred space around the time of the new moon.

Journeying together as we unfold our soul, share our dreams and intentions, tell our stories and let stories go.


Archeology of the Soul is for you if:

  • You’re feeling it’s time for an upgrade
  • You already resonate with the content in the Gratitude Diary
  • You are ready to progress your soul
  • You know it’s time to activate your divine blueprint and raise your frequency
  • You commit to doing your work and taking full responsibility for your own soul growth
  • You’re ready to make an agreement to journey together
  • You’re ready to experience unity consciousness


The twelve group video calls are held in alignment with the 2023 new moons, as follows:

Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)
(all Live Gatherings will be recorded for you to rewatch/catch up):

Mon 15th January 7pm-9pm

Mon 12th February 10am-12pm

Mon 11th March 7pm-9pm

Mon 8th April 10am-12pm

Mon 6th May 7pm-9pm

Mon 10th June 10am-12pm

Mon 8th July 7pm-9pm

Mon 5th August 10am-12pm

Mon 2nd September 7pm-9pm

Mon 7th October 10am-12pm

Mon 4th November 7pm-9pm

Mon 2nd December 10am-12pm

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