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PRE-ORDER 2025 Astro Diary

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Astro Diary deepen your intuition through the practice of connecting and working with the Planets as they travel through the Zodiac every day of 2025

This Diary is proudly published by Giving Thanks, creators of the popular Gratitude Diary.

Pre-Order your 2025 Astro Diary ~ Arriving September 2024


Product Details

This is an invitation to experience and deepen your understanding of Astrology. Discover and experience how celestial influences are expressed in your life as you are guided through the year.

Deepen your intuition through the practice of connecting and working with the Planets as they travel through the Zodiac.

Once filled the Astro Diary will become an Almanac of your Soul’s journey, filled with the thoughts, feelings and tales of your deeds as your Destiny unfolds.

An invaluable record for all Astrology lovers who want to deepen their knowing and practical understanding of this ancient art.

About the Author

Ariel is an artist and an astrologer who lives in the deep south of Tasmania where she runs an intimate Studio/Galley – keeping company with her cat and dog and whomever swings by.

Astrology seemed so mysterious when she was growing up – the interest was there, but doorways led her to other teachings. Then the internet happened and access to Astrological knowledge exploded. She dove in and, like many others who get the call, drew up charts of everyone she knew. She got confused – had revelations and basically, fell deeply in love with the way each individual shines when viewed through the lens of Star Wisdom.

Although she has found the internet helpful in spreading the teachings of Astrology, she recognises that it also sucked the majority of us into its glassy screened portal, filling our brains with uproar and noise.

A big part of her motivation in creating the Astro Diary was to create a non-digital space where Astrological information is provided. A place where, instead of scrolling, we can flick through pages to find out when the next New Moon is. As a book lover, she knows that the tactile feel, weight and subtle paper smell can awaken a quiet, ancient part of us. As she sees it, we’ve handed over a lot to the machine world, but it’s not too late to reconsider and reclaim the best of the old ways.

She has also written on the Moon Cycles for the Gratitude Diary for the better part of the last 8 years – with a year off every now and again.

The Astro Diary is especially close to her heart as it afforded her the opportunity to bask in the Cosmic Imagery of the Zodiac and tune into and share their unique frequencies as she created both the artwork and the writings.

2025 Astro Diary includes:

  • A day to day Diary – with current transits in the footnotes
  • A week ahead page for bullet point planning
  • Follows the Sun’s journey through the 12 signs
  • Moon Cycle – New, First Quarter, Full and Third Quarter
  • Eclipses and Major Transits
  • Mercury through the Signs – including Mercury Retrograde
  • Sun, Venus and Mars through the signs
  • Illustrated throughout
  • Prompts and journaling space with each major transit
  • Set across 3 major time zones – Toronto – London – Sydney

The Astro Diary will help you to:

Align harmoniously with Cosmic Forces

Awaken hidden depths as you journey through Ancient Archetypes

Embrace the depths of your feminine being as you align with the Moon Cycle

Strengthen your communication skills as you connect with Mercury, the storyteller and recordkeeper

Enhance your relationship with Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty

The key to strengthening your will and discipline - what does Mars have to show you?

Experience catharsis, insight and clarity as recognise and then work with recurring patterns

Astro Diary Reviews

I absolutely love my freaking Astro Diary, I have about 4 -5 Diaries but this one is my favourite! And I want to find where I can order next years – and buy it already, because that’s how much I love it. I’ve followed Astrology my whole life, but am only now going deeper into it and I swear by it. I love it. And I love working with the Universe and the magic within the universe.


Talita Rose Stone

There is much to love about The Astro Diary – the feel of it, the layout is enjoyably accessible, in a way I’ve not seen before. It is this unique approach, from the language used, to Ariel’s original drawings that sets it apart. More importantly, The Astro Diary is filled with deeper Esoteric Lore, and in these times of rapidly popular trends, authenticity is everything.


Emma Magenta

I’ve been using my Astro Diary religiously since I got it. It’s the only diary I have successfully written in every day since purchasing it. I love the astrological insights and it helps keep me in touch with the moon phases and how they affect me. I would (and have) recommend this diary to anyone wanting to deepen their knowledge of the planets and of themselves.


Molly Considine

I was gifted The Astro Diary 2023 and so far it’s a delight to use. I love the shape of the diary, the texture of the cover, the layout of space to write and the readings spread throughout, the thought provoking insights and questions for contemplation and inspiration. Not to mention it’s beautifully illustrated. Thank You to the creators for this well crafted insightful daily cosmic companion. Love it!


Ali Stoykovich

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