Pre-Order your 2024 Gratitude Diary ~ The Gratitude Diary is much more than a Diary. It is a daily companion, a sacred space and loving reflection of your soul.

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2024 Gratitude Diary & Receive a 2023 Astro Diary

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She’s almost here! 

Pre-Order your 2024 Gratitude Diary and receive a 2023/2024 Astro Diary.

This is an invitation to experience and deepen your understanding of Astrology and NOW is the time to look at what’s important – receive the Gift of Gratitude!

*Please note this is a Pre-Order and will be posted out to you in October 2023 when 2024 Gratitude Diary arrives.
Only available in Australia.
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Product Details

Astro Diary 2023/24
Travelling with the Sun Aries through Pisces
20th March 2023 – 18th March 2024

This is an invitation to experience and deepen your understanding of Astrology. Discover and experience how celestial influences are expressed in your life as you are guided through the year.

An invaluable record for all Astrology lovers who want to deepen their knowing and practical understanding of this ancient art.

Introducing the 2023 / 2024 ASTRO DIARY:

  • A day to to day Diary for all the important events, appointments and meetings.
  • A week ahead page with the current location of the Planets.
  • A two day per page diary with daily planetary transits in the footnotes
  • Follows the Sun through the 12 Zodiac Signs. With full color artwork, article, prompts and journal space for monthly intentions.
  • Moon Cycle – New, First Quarter, Full and Third Quarter Moon are explored with writing, artworks, prompts and journal space
  • Learn how the influence of Mercury, Venus and Mars change as they journey through the 12 distinct Houses of the Zodiac. With writing, prompts and space for noting insights and inspirations.

The Astro Diary is proudly published by Giving Thanks Publishing.


Pre-Order your 2024 Gratitude Diary.

Five minutes a day can change your life!

The best-selling Gratitude Diary is beautifully designed and contains a page to a day that will enrich your soul and spirit each and every day.

The Gratitude Diary is so much more than just a Diary. It is a daily journal companion, sacred space and loving reflection to your soul. Each new moon brings the gift of intention, along with a writing piece and companion worksheet that will activate the writer in you!

Introducing the 2024 GRATITUDE DIARY

  • 15th year in production, highly regarded by customers all around the world
  • A beautifully designed diary and daily planner with divinely-inspired artwork and images by Spiritual Artist, Melissa Williams
  • Cloth cover, ribbon bookmarks, useful rear elastic hold-all closure
  • 440 pages, including a page for each day of the year
  • Includes inspirational quotes, gratitude and intention prompts, moon and astrological guidance, interesting commentaries.

The Gratitude Diary will help you to:

  • Stop and be aware of the gifts you have access to right NOW.
  • Celebrate the moment.
  • Raise your vibrational state, which will positively impact on everyone around you.
  • Become aware of the feminine energies of creation and able to support the masculine energies with love and respect.
  • Embrace YOUR truth.
  • Express who you are, fearlessly.
  • Experience profound changes that will leave you inspired and activated.

Moon Cycles

Simply by becoming aware of the moon and her cycles, which are indicated every seven days, helps support the balance of your masculine and feminine. When you live in tune with the PLANET’S rhythms, you begin to notice that you are also living parallel to the cycles and seasons of life, and it is the awareness and acceptance of this that creates peace.

Inspiring, heart opening Monthly Articles:

Working alongside the moon’s rhythms, Melanie Spears has written on a new topic each new moon for all to ponder…



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