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Use the Astro Diary for your business, or give the gift of Astrology to your friends, staff, and students.

Box of 6 – Introductory Offer for Wholesalers

* ONLY available in AUSTRLIA


Travelling with the Sun Aries through Pisces
20th March 2023 – 18th March 2024

The Astro Diary is proudly published by Giving Thanks Publishing,



Product Details

Travelling with the Sun Aries through Pisces
20th March 2023 – 18th March 2024

  • A day to to day Diary for all the important events, appointments and meetings.
  •  A week ahead page with the current location of the Planets.
  • A two day per page diary with daily planetary transits in the footnotes
  • Follows the Sun through the 12 Zodiac Signs. With full color artwork, article, prompts and journal space for monthly intentions.
  • Moon Cycle – New, First Quarter, Full and Third Quarter Moon are explored with writing, artworks, prompts and journal space
  • Learn how the influence of Mercury, Venus and Mars change as they journey through the 12 distinct Houses of the Zodiac. With writing, prompts and space for noting insights and inspirations.


This is an invitation to experience and deepen your understanding of  Astrology. Discover and experience how celestial influences are expressed in your life as you are guided through the year.

Deepen your intuition through the practice of connecting and working with the Celestial bodies and the Stars they travel through.

Once filled the Astro Diary will become an Almanac of the Soul.

Filled with the thoughts, feelings and deeds of a destiny unfolding.

An invaluable record for all Astrology lovers who want to deepen their knowing and practical understanding of this ancient art.


About the Author
Ariel is an artist, writer and dreamer who lives in the deep south of Tasmania where she runs an intimate Studio/Galley – keeping company with her cat and dog and whomever swings by.
Astrology seemed so mysterious when she was growing up – the interest was there, but doorways led her to other teachings. Then the internet happened and access to Astrological knowledge exploded. Plowing in, she drew up charts of everyone she knew. She got confused – had revelations and basically, fell deeply in love with the with the way each individual shines when viewed through the lens of Star Wisdom.
She has also written on the Moon Cycles for the Gratitude Diary for the last 7 years – with a year off every now and again.
The Astro Diary is especially close to her heart as it afforded her the opportunity to bask in the cosmic imagery of the zodiac and tune into and share their unique frequencies as she created both the artwork and the writings.


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