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The Magic of Gratitude


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Writers Immersion Weekend ~ 22nd & 23rd June

Learn everything you need to know to craft your masterpiece, & commence your self-publishing.

June 22, 2024
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August 17, 2024

What is Giving Thanks

In 2010 I created Giving Thanks to invoke community spirit and activate gratitude in all souls.

Giving thanks is a practice.

At first it doesn’t come naturally. 

But with INTENT, the mindset and frequency of Gratitude become second nature in our being. 

With Gratitude, gifts are bestowed, including the gift of a better life.

When we practice gratitude, we make a loving impact on the world.

GIVING is the foundation of a new way of being – a new model of self-governance, kindness and authentic living. On this new earth we no longer need permission to be creative, to be heard, or to be seen.

It all starts with gratitude…

Big Love,


Melanie Spears

Creator of the Gratitude Dairy

The Gratitude Diary is much more than a Diary. It is a daily companion, a sacred space and loving reflection of your soul. Each new moon brings the opportunity of creating your intention in the dedicated pages provided. With astrological overview and companion worksheet this diary will activate your soul! Pages are filled with inspirational quotes from sages through the ages. Divinely inspired images by Spiritual Artist Melissa Williams. Makes this a treasured journal for over 16,000 users all around the world.

  • Space each day to list all that you are grateful for
  • A day-to-page organisational Diary
  • Monthly intention setting
  • 12 worksheets that begin on each new moon
  • Monthly Astrological overview
  • Reflective quotes
  • Inspired art

Love from the
Giving Thanks Community

I absolutely love my freaking Astro Diary, I have about 4 -5 Diaries but this one is my favourite! And I want to find where I can order next years – and buy it already, because that’s how much I love it. I’ve followed Astrology my whole life, but am only now going deeper into it and I swear by it. I love it. And I love working with the Universe and the magic within the universe.

Talita Rose Stone

There is much to love about The Astro Diary – the feel of it, the layout is enjoyably accessible, in a way I’ve not seen before. It is this unique approach, from the language used, to Ariel’s original drawings that sets it apart. More importantly, The Astro Diary is filled with deeper Esoteric Lore, and in these times of rapidly popular trends, authenticity is everything.

Emma Magenta

Artist, Author, Tarot/Astrology Reader

I’ve been using my Astro Diary religiously since I got it. It’s the only diary I have successfully written in every day since purchasing it. I love the astrological insights and it helps keep me in touch with the moon phases and how they affect me. I would (and have) recommend this diary to anyone wanting to deepen their knowledge of the planets and of themselves.

Molly Considine

Mother, Spaceholder and Reiki Practitioner

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