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Self Publishing with Melanie

Have you ever wanted to take charge of your own creative direction and write a book or create a journal?

I am getting to the point now where the creation and the production of my Gratitude Dairy is like a well oiled human machine – THANKS to my amazing team of empowered women. 

I love to help people achieve their goals and participating in the manifestation of other people’s dreams is immensely satisfying.

So, reach out if you are sitting back on your dreams and talk to me about process of self-publishing.

It’s a worthwhile journey to take because the fundamental questions that plague almost every soul about their creative work is…

* Am I good enough?
* Will other people appreciate what I do?
* Will my product have a place in the retail market?

The initial assessment and evaluation of your product is free!

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“It has been a true privilege to work with Melanie Spears as my mentor in self publishing my Plant Positive Journal.

I cannot imagine birthing this project without Mel’s support, expertise and guidance!

Mel has been incredibly generous in sharing her process and her connections. She has also been kind, patient and understanding as we stepped through the entire process. I am very grateful and would absolutely recommend Mel as a wise, valuable and proven mentor.”

Kate Galli

Workshops & Events

Divine Feminine – FREE Online Presentation with Melanie Spears

Did you know that the Divine Feminine lives in your soul whether you are a man or woman?

Expression of Interest for Workshops & Events

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Learnings from the Gratitude Diary

2022 Live Workshop Presentation Series

AUD $165.00
  Working alongside the 2022 Gratitude Diary, Melanie Spears has explored a new topic each month to deepen your souls awareness…
This wonderful collection contains 7 live video presentations & PDF Articles from 2022 Gratitude Diary.  

Individual Presentations

Divine Feminine Live Workshop Presentation
AUD $0.00
The Highest of Hearts 2023 Live Workshop Presentation
AUD $33.00
Energy 2023 Live Workshop Presentation
AUD $33.00
Receptivity Live Workshop Presentation
AUD $33.00
Thoughts or Guidance? Live Workshop Presentation
AUD $33.00
The Root of Neglect Live Presentation Workshop
AUD $33.00
Divine Masculine Live Presentation Workshop
AUD $33.00
Sovereignty Live Workshop Presentation
AUD $33.00
The Law of Non Intervention Live Workshop Presentation
AUD $33.00
Catching Butterflies (Creative Inspiration) Live Workshop Presentation
AUD $33.00

For those of you who are new here ...
Just a little about me

It was 2002 when I drove into the desert Lands of Uluṟu with the sole intent of setting myself free. I had been working as a Psychiatric Nurse which was intense. After 13 years in the mental Health industry, I was just not seeing enough CHANGE. So as Nelson Mandela once said, ‘BE THE CHANGE.’
I arrived home from my ‘long drive’ to a new me … the Gratitude Diary was born!
Sometimes we need to just throw caution to the wind and follow her to a new place. A place where our own mysteries are revealed. Since then there have been many rabbit holes of self exploration, deepening my commitment to living this life FULLY with JOY as my sidekick. 
And for fun – I now mentor others in creating stuff, self-publishing and the refined art of letting go.

Love from Clients

“I was going through a BIG vibrational shift when Melanie Spears came into my life – by total serendipity (of course!).

Within 5 minutes of interacting with Melanie, I knew. I’ve found my new teacher (a label she dislikes…which makes me LOVE her even more).

Melanie brings wisdom, humility, grace, magic, passion and vulnerability to her work. She bravely faces the dark AND the light and holds many keys for those of us on the lifelong path of transformation.”

Benay Dyor

CEO, Universal Coaching Systems

The impact this has on my day, and my life, has been a miracle

“I was instantly drawn to the Gratitude Diary’s beauty and magical energy from the minute I laid eyes on it. The diary quickly became part of my morning ritual, writing down the things I’m grateful for in my life and setting my intention for each day. The impact this has on my day, and my life, has been a miracle. I now live each day with peace, calmness and a grateful heart, and with so much gratitude to Melanie Spears for her creation and sharing her soul’s purpose with me.”

Michelle Adams

CEO & Founder of Marvel Marketing

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