Writers Immersion Weekend of Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd June ~ Learn everything you need to know to craft your own spiritual masterpiece, and commence your self-publishing journey!


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“When you live in gratitude you connect to the illuminated presence of “all that is.” The higher wisdom of all beings, nature, animals, people and even your higher self naturally aligns to your souls expression when you are connected through the simple act of saying YES.”


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“I was going through a BIG vibrational shift when Melanie Spears came into my life – by total serendipity (of course!).”

Benay Dyor
CEO, Universal Coaching Systems

“I was instantly drawn to the Gratitude Diary’s beauty and magical energy from the minute I laid eyes on it. The diary quickly became part of my morning ritual, writing down the things I’m grateful for in my life and setting my intention for each day. “

Michelle Adams
CEO & Founder of Marvel Marketing

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