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Catching Butterflies (Creative Inspiration) Live Workshop Presentation

AUD $33.00

Presentation from the 2022 Gratitude Diary 
* Includes 1 x MP4 Video on ‘Catching Butterflies’ by Melanie Spears
* Presentation Worksheets with Journal Prompts


At the moment I’m catching a lot of butterflies. Actually, I caught one in the shower this morning. It landed on my shoulder and, while washing the shampoo out of my hair, I made a mental note of all its colours, dimensions, and messages. While I toweled off, I captured these with a few words etched on my foggy mirror.

So, why was this butterfly in my shower? Well, butterflies can show up anywhere and anytime. You need to be prepared to catch them when they do. For if you don’t, they will fly off into the blue just as quickly as they landed.

What is a butterfly? A butterfly can be an idea, a song, a writing piece, a joke, a funny or useful thought, a capsule of wisdom … and even an analogy about a butterfly.



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A Butterfly is a Divine Inspiration

They usually arrive when the doing part of your brain, the left side, is dialled right down and the receptive part of the brain, the right side, is open. Sometimes, an inspiration can show up visually as a vision, a picture or an image. It can be like a photograph that has remained etched in your mind over lifetimes.

If you want to keep and share your inspiration, you must learn to catch it first – as an uncaught inspiration is an inspiration lost. My advice is to grab it as quickly as you can, while it’s still fluttering around, as it probably won’t be there in a moment, let alone tomorrow or next week.

Have a go – catch a butterfly!

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