Pre-Order your 2024 Gratitude Diary ~ The Gratitude Diary is much more than a Diary. It is a daily companion, a sacred space and loving reflection of your soul.

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Divine Feminine Live Workshop Presentation

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Presentation from the 2022 Gratitude Diary 
* Includes 1 x MP4 Video on Divine Feminine by Melanie Spears
* Presentation Worksheets with Journal Prompts


In us all, both men and women, our Divine Feminine lives. Just beneath the surface, behind the noise of life. She lives, she waits, she listens. In many ways, she is an entity, just like you and me. She has NO distortions and is a solid and reliable friend to call upon in times of pain and doubt.



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She stands on a pillar of love

Born from the earth, she came from love. Love is her beginning, her reason, and her end – which, was never really the end, for she is cyclical. Just like the moon. Like the seasons. She ebbs and flows, opens and closes according to FEELING. Viewing life as CIRCULAR, she is CYCLICAL, always moving. Inside of NO TIME, for time stands still when she is here. And when your jackrabbit mind thinks she has forsaken you and is no longer with you, it will be at that precise moment that you realise she has taken you home once more. Back to her pillar of LOVE…..

Remember: if you stop listening you won’t hear her.

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