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Friendly Fungi 2023 Live Workshop Presentation

AUD $33.00

Presentation from the 2023 Gratitude Diary 
* Includes 1 x MP4 Video on Friendly Fungi by Melanie Spears.
* Presentation Worksheets with Journal Prompts

Friendly Fungi

In order to COLLABORATE with the mushroom kingdom however, we must first take pause and connect to our soul’s intent. 




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Did you know that we have over two million types of fungi living on this planet? Fungi (otherwise known as mushrooms) can be found in forests and fields, in trees and logs, and in oceans, ponds and streams. In fact, in just about any NATURAL ecosystem, you will find a family of fungi who reside there. From the two million or so fungi on this planet, at least 200 varieties are psychoactive.

Fungi are closer to the human species than plants because they are intimately connected to a mycelium network, a complex communication system of tiny tendrils that lives under the soil. Think of this network as Nature’s Natural Internet and through this ‘Wood Wide Web’ all nature communicates with one other. 

If you are wondering how fungi communicate, imagine a stand of old pines. If one of these pine trees develops a disease and becomes sick, the other trees in the stand are able to ‘donate’ extra minerals, biomes and nutrients to the failing tree at will! They do this by receiving the message through the mycelium network that the tree is sick. Then by responding with energy and love in the form of nutrients, minerals and chi – nature at its best, always striving for balance, equal distribution and oneness. Humans are only just learning to aspire to these qualities!

I am now convinced that long after humans have gone, these little life forms will remain to assist in repairing the planet. They will clean up the environment and they will do it with love. For that is what they are… Pure embodied love!




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