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FREE ~ Gratitude as a Devotional Practice Live Workshop Presentation

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Presentation from the 2024 Gratitude Diary 
* Includes 1 x MP4 Video on ‘Gratitude as a Devotional Practice’ by Melanie Spears & Guest Speaker, Erin Lee.
* Gratitude as a Devotional Practice Full Article


When I first began practicing Gratitude, I remember doing it, as though it was some sort of checklist about what was going well in my life. It felt good to direct my mind towards the positive, and I thought that was the extent of what giving thanks was.

An Invitation:

Allow yourself to meet with what exists in this present moment.
Deeply accept how things are right now.
It does not mean they ’will be like this forever…
Loosen your grip on life, and open to the whisper of Gratitude:
“I acknowledge you,; I honour you and I devote my presence to your existence.”
Erin Lee



Product Details

Gratitude Lives in the NOW

Gratitude is not just about giving thanks for what is going well… It is a deep acceptance and honouring of what is here in this present moment.

You can not force acceptance; it unfolds through releasing any resistance to what is.

As a result, the awareness broadens, the senses expand, and we begin to notice the finer details of life again – Now that we are no longer consumed by the immediate emotions and thoughts that come with unpleasant events.

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