Pre-Order your 2024 Gratitude Diary ~ The Gratitude Diary is much more than a Diary. It is a daily companion, a sacred space and loving reflection of your soul.

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2022 Live Workshop Presentation Series

AUD $165.00


Working alongside the 2022 Gratitude Diary, Melanie Spears has explored a new topic each month to deepen your souls awareness…

This wonderful collection contains 7 live video presentations & PDF Articles from 2022 Gratitude Diary.



Product Details

Get all 7 of our 2022 Live Workshop Presentations & PDF Articles for the price of 5.

This pack includes MP4 video’s & PDF Articles from the 2022 Gratitude Diary:

  1.  Divine Feminine
  2.  Receptivity
  3.  The Root of Neglect
  4.  Divine Masculine
  5.  Sovereignty
  6.  The Law of Non Intervention
  7.  Catching Butterflies – Creative Inspiration

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