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nurture shame DIARY

OMG ~ What A Mess! 2023 Live Workshop Presentation

AUD $33.00

Presentation from the 2023 Gratitude Diary 
* Includes 1 x MP4 Video on OMG ~ What a Mess! by Melanie Spears.
* Presentation Worksheets with Journal Prompts

OMG ~ What A Mess!

In order to live with shame, one of the first adaptations a human soul makes is to deny TRUTH.



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SHAME is a human emotion, as are FEAR, ANGER, GRIEF and LOVE. Shame is revealed, and often triggered, inside of human relationships because LOVE and attraction invite us to be CLOSER to one another. Shame cannot HIDE inside an intimate connection. It is easy to live separately, avoiding scrutiny, and a little harder to keep our deeper selves hidden in the face of a significant other.

Shame is felt as a WEIGHT in our energetic field. Our body may feel heavier due to an emotional shame trigger – OR we may just choose to shut down entirely as a preferred response. Many of us choose to shut down because shame has the LOWEST level of consciousness or lowest frequency of human emotions – sitting at only 20htz, compared to love at 500htz. If this were comparable to the quantity of amps in your solar battery bank, you would be shutting down your lights to conserve energy! The only thing that vibrates lower than shame is DEATH, so it’s understandable why we are often very reluctant to open our pandora’s box of shame.



The healing of shame is a beautiful process of REVEALING and WITNESSING… You are both the revealer and the witness. All that’s needed is a PRACTICE to ensure the process of soul-cleansing continues over days, weeks, months and lifetimes.




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