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Receptivity Live Workshop Presentation

AUD $33.00

Presentation from the 2022 Gratitude Diary 
* Includes 1 x MP4 Video on Receptivity by Melanie Spears
* Presentation Worksheets with Journal Prompts


The divine feminine was created to receive – it is our mission

We are designed to receive attention, help, support, nurturing, gifts, children, food, sunshine, light and, most importantly, LOVE.

This is WHY God/Source made us.

What would be the point of loving and giving masculine energy if there was no-one to receive such love?

It seems simple doesn’t it. And yet, we have made it so complicated.

What does receptivity mean? Let’s explore …



Product Details

Exploring the field of RECEPTIVITY

Recently I had the pleasure of facilitating a workshop for single mothers in the Gold Coast hinterland. It was a free event, designed to be nurturing and inspiring. There were about 50 women attending and I thought it would be fun to gift a Gratitude Diary to each of the participants.

I was not prepared for what happened next …

The afternoon went on and so much was revealed in the process of offering this one simple gift. We were exploring the field of RECEPTIVITY and our own personal relationship with receiving.


“By surrendering, you create an energy field of receptivity for the solution to appear.”
    Wayne Dyer

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