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Sovereignty Live Workshop Presentation

AUD $33.00

Presentation from the 2022 Gratitude Diary 
* Includes 1 x MP4 Video on Sovereignty by Melanie Spears
* Presentation Worksheets with Journal Prompts


Cultivating a sovereign soul – Soul Sovereignty is a state:

  • we attain through our own practice and cultivation of our direct connection to God/Source
  • is a transition from relying on our connections with others as a source of energy, to relying entirely on God as a source of energy, and of becoming self-sufficient in that source connection.



Product Details

the masculine quality of SOVEREIGNTY, which is balanced by the feminine virtue of wisdom

Most people think of sovereignty in terms of authority or political concepts – like the power of a king to rule his people or the authority granted to govern a state. However, the meaning of the word, ‘sovereignty’, that interests me – and that existed long before the political references – refers to a DIVINE quality INSIDE of human beings. The spiritual quality of sovereignty has been referenced in spiritual texts since before Christ. The sacred template of David, the six-pointed star, claims the SOVEREIGN energy as one of the three sacred masculine traits. The other two being POWER and JUSTICE.

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