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PRE-ORDER Wholesale Box of 20 ~ Sacred Moon Journal

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Use the Gratitude Diary for your business, or give the gift of daily gratitude to your friends, staff, and students.

Track and Ritualise Your Moon Cycle for Women Coming of Age.
Celebrating our Rite of Passage into Womanhood and by living in accordance with our Feminine cycles with Grace, Guidance and Love.
Welcome to the Sisterhood!

Created By: Moana Rose Moon
Art by Josie Doolan
Stylised by Melissa Williams
This Diary is proudly published by Giving Thanks, creators of the popular Gratitude Diary.

PRE-ODER a Box of 20 ~ Sacred Moon Journal (Undated)
Arriving September 2024!



Product Details

Deepen your wisdom as you track each moon in your 13 Moon cycle.

Learn how to Celebrate your Womanhood with Ceremony and Self-care rituals. Harness your Power by Connecting to Nature and her Rhythms.

This Sacred Moon Journal is a place to record your Awakenings as you connect to your Body Wisdom.

The Sacred Moon Journal includes:

  • 28 days x 13 Moons tracker and journalling pages.
  • 2 days to a page and divided into the 4 phases of your Moon Cycle.
  • Women’s Wisdom shared through 13 Chapters.
  • Bonus chapter includes Northern and Southern Hemispheres Wheel of the Year/Festivals of the Seasons Dates and Rituals.
  • Exquisitely crafted using Goddess inspired, Body-positive and Nature-based hand-painted artworks by Josie Doolan and digitally-stylised by Spiritual Artist, Melissa Williams.
  • 480 undated pages with cloth cover & wood-free paper & ribbon bookmarks.

About the Author

I am Moana Rose Moon, Author and Creator of this Sacred Moon Journal.

There is much Mystery around the female body, her psyche and her gifts. As a Woman I have journeyed with the guidance of my Elders to discover the deepest treasures we all possess as women, through connecting to my body wisdom, monthly moon cycle and by honouring myself as a cyclic being. As a trailblazer in my own life, I have had the freedom to discover deeper and more fulfilling ways to live.

I am an advocate for having full ownership and choice as to what I do with my own body and life.

I believe if we allow ourselves to express ourselves fully, we not only feel energised and alive, but we serve the planet, humanity and all her creatures by sharing our love. It is my wish for Women everywhere to feel totally connected to their own bodies, inner wisdom and passion.

By celebrating our Rite of Passage into Womanhood and by living in accordance with our Feminine cycles with Grace, Guidance and Love.


Welcome to the Sisterhood!

The Sacred Moon Journal will help you to:

Create your own Solo, Peer or Elder Coming of Age Ceremony to Celebrate your earliest Moon time

Flow with your Cyclic Hormonal Body and Energies

Play with the Embodiment of 4 Goddess Archetypes

Cultivate your own Nourishing Rituals in Sacred Space, as a lifelong practise

Feel Interconnected to the planetary web of fertile, bleeding Women as you become initiated in the Sisterhood of Woman's Wisdom

Connect and Commune with Nature and her Animals

Be inspired to Direct your life as a Creative, Loving, Wise and Powerful Woman

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